The Best Editing Software For Youtube

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There are many opinions related to what the best software is for Youtube editing, editing software a must have for any YouTuber starter kit. Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro are currently the top competitors, and there are many pros and cons that can be presented on both sides. Let’s talk about Sony Vegas first. Sony Vegas is the most well known editing software for beginners that are looking to create entertaining content for their viewers. Vegas has a very easy drag and drop editing timeline, a wide variety of visual and sound effects to enhance your project, and many other user friendly features. When editing a video in Vegas, the process is very simple. You first must import your video and/or audio files into the program by just simple dragging and dropping them into the timeline. Once you have all your required content on the program, you are free to explore all the effects Sony Vegas provides for all its users. You can implement effects such as fade in/fade out effects towards your video and audio files, you can add any sort of visual FX , you also have the ability to add transitions in between clips for a smooth, clean cut video. Once you are finished with the formation of your video, you can simply export the video using the recommended settings provided by Sony Vegas. Although Sony Vegas is a very common editing software used by many individuals, it seems have one con that most of their users can agree with, and that is its continuous tendency to crash every now and then.This software has been around for several years and has been hard for new coming software’s to compete with, but then there’s Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is known to be a more advanced editing software, as it is designed by the reputable company, Adobe. Premiere has a much more complicated interface comparing to Sony Vegas, as it does provide more features. Many Youtuber’s with large fan bases tend to use Premiere as it is one of those software’s where, once you know how to use it, you can do practically anything your desire. Overall, Sony Vegas is 100% recommended if you are Youtuber with a small fanbase providing weekly content towards your Youtube channel. Adobe Premiere Pro is recommended for more advanced users, and Youtubers that may have a larger fan base.